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How Secure Are Roller Garage Doors?

Roller garage doors protect your home from theft, vandalism and weather damage — but how much? Though we’ll always advocate for getting a roller garage door, the truth is that some of the cheaper, generic roller doors won’t offer the levels of security you’re expecting. That’s why you should always opt for quality roller doors from a supplier you can trust.

In this article, we take a look at the security standards of high-quality roller doors compared with generic roller doors and up & over doors.

Horizons van parked outside a garage with a blue garage door

Are roller garage doors secure?

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. Compromising in price often means compromising on quality, and the same can be said for roller doors. Cheap, generic roller doors won’t offer the same levels of security as their higher-quality counterparts. This is because they are built using less robust materials and lack critical safety features. 

Generic doors typically have the following flaws:

  1. Most basic models can be lifted up from the base

  2. The doors rely on gravity, with the roller curtain simply hanging from the barrel inside

  3. Security straps are easily pushed back or broken

Meanwhile, high-quality roller doors are packed with security features to ensure they protect your home. These features include:

  1. Anti-lift locking system

  2. Crafted using premium materials, such as aluminium

  3. No handles

  4. Extruded guide channels

  5. Inbuilt alarm

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video below that shows how SeceuroGlide roller doors stood up to generic roller doors in three tests.

This video shows the SeceuroGlide Excel, which was the first roller garage door in the UK to receive the LPS 117 SR1 rating, a rigorous burglary resistance standard. Here you can see the SeceuroGlide Excel withstand a series of cut, lift and push attacks that replicate common break-in methods.

The video shows how an inferior generic roller door fails at all three attack tests in under one minute. Conversely, the high-quality roller door withstood all attacks.

How do roller doors compare to up & over garage doors?

Roller doors and up & over doors are the two most common styles of garage doors. However, roller doors typically have an advantage over up & over styles. This is for a variety of reasons:

  1. Up & over doors typically have visible locks and handles

  2. Up & over doors will often be secured at just one central point

Don’t compromise on security. Choose roller doors to protect your home.

If you’re buying roller doors, make sure you buy from someone you can trust. Horizons is a specialist supplier and installer of high-quality garage doors. All our doors have achieved industry-standard certifications and have passed a variety of rigorous tests. With Horizons, you know you’re getting guaranteed security with any of our products.

Contact our team today to place your order.


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