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Are Awnings Waterproof? And What to do if They Get Wet

Posted on: 19 May 2021 by Horizons Group Ltd

If there’s one thing that’s pretty certain when you live in the UK, it’s rain.

It doesn’t blight our lives constantly (and there’s nothing wrong with a good shower), but it can spoil the party somewhat during the warmer months.

This is why the popularity of awnings has exploded in recent years. They enable people to enjoy more of their garden more of the time, without worrying about the unpredictable side of Mother Nature.

But you’ve probably got one question on your mind before you invest in an awning for your home.

Are awnings really waterproof?

Yes, most modern awnings are indeed waterproof.

There are caveats to this, which we’ll get onto in a moment, but weather resistance is an important element of any awning.

It isn’t just rain they need to contend with, either – they need to be able to cope with high winds, too. It’s why the awnings we supply offer high ratings on the Beaufort Wind Scale, which is a method for measuring wind resistance.

But it’s rain that’s usually the biggest concern for those who want to enjoy their gardens. And it’s why the best awnings are technically showerproof.

There are just a couple of things to keep in mind, and it all comes down to common sense.

Remember those camping trips?

We love a good camping trip in the UK, but no one likes what happens when you get home.

That’s right – the tent, which invariably got wet on the last night, will need packing away. Only, you can’t, because it’s wet. Therefore you have to find somewhere to dry it out before it can be safely rolled up.

It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s necessary if you want to use the tent again. And it’s a similar story with awnings.

The good news is that it’s a lot easier to dry out awnings than it is tents – you simply leave them open and allow the sun to dry them out before retracting. That said, this is a classic example of why it’s a good idea to retract awnings when the first droplets of rain arrive.

The joy of rain sensors

If you buy a Weiner awning from us, you’ll have the option of adding a weather sensor. These detect when rain is incoming and can automatically retract your awning if you want them to.

But it isn’t just rain they look out for. The latest awning sensors are also capable of detecting wind and even include solar sensors. The latter enables the awning to automatically extend when it looks like the weather is taking a turn for the better.

Can you leave awnings out all year?

If you have a full cassette awning, absolutely. These are fully enclosed, which means the fabric is protected from the elements.

Semi-cassette and open awnings don’t have the same amount of casing, which means they are definitely best retracted when not in use.

But if you want to have an awning as a permanent fixture all year round, you can do a lot worse than invest in a full cassette version.

Excited about the possibilities of an awning?

Why should rain spoil your day? If we’ve got you excited about the prospect of an awning, just get in touch with the Horizons team to find out more about these wonderful, smart home additions.

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